New 2023 Toyota Avalon Exterior, Engine, Specs

New 2023 Toyota Avalon Exterior, Engine, Specs – This year’s 2023 Toyota Avalon is almost similar to last year’s model, with the exception of a new Sport package. TRD hood scoops and front spoilers, distinctive rocker solar panels, and black roof structure side rails are just a few additions to this new cut’s list of standout features. TRD-stitched pictures may be seen everywhere around the interior.

Apple CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto, and Amazon Alex are just some of the alternatives available. With 2WD and 4WD, the Avalon’s normally aspirated 4-liter V6 engine continues to generate 4WD. option transfers power to the wheels of the car. Because of the standard draw-issue receiver and the electrically operated cables, the SUV has a 5,000-pound towing capacity.

2023 Toyota Avalon Front View
2023 Toyota Avalon Front View

New 2023 Toyota Avalon Redesign

In spite of the 2023 Toyota Avalon outstanding outward design, few people pay attention to it. In terms of what the automobile is designed for, it’s a fantastic fit. We’ve heard the phrase “very processed and dashing” before to describe this look. Instead, its design is completely out of character with what we’ve come to anticipate from a modern city center.

The Toyota RAV4’s muscular and dated design hasn’t changed much for the 2017 model year. In terms of off-road ability, the Toyota Avalon is without a doubt the leader in its class. The Avalon’s trims have the same fundamental shape, but the specifics might differ. The Avalon Nightshade Edition includes 20-inch black alloy wheels and a matte black paint job for a more edgy appearance than the normal SR5.

2023 Toyota Avalon Interior
2023 Toyota Avalon Interior


The inside of your Toyota Avalon, on the other hand, is very big and comfortable. In any case, the inside of the Toyota Avalon is anticipated to stay much the same as the existing model. Cabin storage and a large cargo area make the Avalon ideal for long trips. Those looking for the newest and finest technology will be disappointed with the available options for this vehicle.

The SR5, SR5 Premium, SR5 Limited, and Nightshade clips may be used with a 13-row clip, although this is not recommended. The inside of the Avalon may be devoid of contemporary comforts, but it nevertheless functions well. and the design is dated. If you go for the Pro or the TRD From-Road Minimize, TRD logos may be seen all over the inside of the car.


Like its predecessor, the 2023 Avalon will be propelled by a 270-horsepower, 4.0-liter V6 engine. engine is able to accelerate the car quickly from 0 to 60 mph. In addition to the V6 and the many-speed automatic gearbox, you have even more control and accuracy with this model. The Sport has a 5,000-pound weight capacity with basic email and cable draw-difficulty receivers, like many other Avalon models. Avalon 2WD automobiles, like other two-wheel-drive models, include an automatic limited-drop differential (ALD).

In addition, the potential part-time 4WD system employs extensive energy management. A two-speed transfer case enhances off-road performance. The Avalon’s body-on-structure design is one of its most impressive aspects. The new sport revocation features, such as By-REAS, have improved a vehicle’s street driving characteristics. Natural-aspirated engines have a reputation for being sluggish on their own, so off-road capabilities may be attributed to this. No other collection has a better engine.

2023 Toyota Avalon Back View
2023 Toyota Avalon Back View
New 2023 Toyota Avalon Release Date and Price

The 2023 Toyota Avalon LX trim level will set you back $25,350 when it goes on sale in 2023. This year’s model is $300 more expensive than last year’s. Worryingly, no major adjustments have been made for the year 2023. Because of this, the base price of the EX is $27,860, while the base price of the EX-L is $30,450. The EX-L costs $33,150, while the most significant variant, the EX, costs $30,560. Both the Touring and the CR-V Touring are the most expensive all-electric vehicles, with a starting price of $33,650. Additionally, there is a $1120 travel area/handling fee that isn’t included in this pricing.

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