New 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport, Release Date

New 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport, Release Date – The 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD will continue in its current form until the end of the 2023 model year, with just the addition of a new TRD Sport clip. To summarize, the new design combines the best off-road attributes of the TRD Pro with sportier styling elements like a TRD hood scoop and front side spoiler, unique rocker solar panels, and black roof structure side rails to great effect.

Grayish stitching and TRD-sewn images can be seen throughout the room. As is Amazon’s marketplace Alex, which is a standard feature, as is Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Google Android Auto. The 4Runner TRD will continue to be propelled by a normally aspirated 4.0-liter V6 with 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque in 2WD and part-time 4WD situations. A 5-velocity automatic transmission is used to provide energy to the tires through a manual changing feature. With the conventional pull-problem recipient and electrical wiring, the SUV can draw roughly 5,000 lbs. of weight.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Front View
2023 Toyota 4Runner Front View

New 2023 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

The external design of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD is undeniably dramatic, yet it doesn’t get a lot of attention from passersby. It’s in keeping with the car’s purpose, which is to easily traverse unfamiliar terrain. Just a few minutes ago, we heard the term “processed” being used to describe this excellent design. Regardless of how you feel about the design, it’s not what you’re accustomed to seeing in today’s urban places. No changes have been made to the Toyota RAV4’s design for the 2023 model year. The Toyota 4Runner is a tough off-roader that seems to be in its element. While the 4Runner’s silhouette is the same on all trims, the details will differ. Nightshade Edition 4Runners have 20-inch black alloy tires and blacked-out exterior elements, while the SR5 and SR5 Premium trims are more basic.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Interior
2023 Toyota 4Runner Interior


The interior of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD, on the other hand, is incredibly spacious and comfortable. It evokes memories of a bygone age. There is no reason to expect any major changes to the inside of the Toyota 4Runner TRD. The 4Runner’s cabin is viewed as having a lot of storage room and a big freight area. Unless, of course, you’re a huge fan of the car’s features, you won’t be swayed by its exterior.

An optional third row is available in all four of the SR5 clips, but it is not advised. There are plenty of high-quality materials inside, but there aren’t any modern accents. Despite the top-of-the-line JBL 15-speaker audio system, power moonroof, and climate control, the materials used are not up to today’s standards and the design is not very contemporary either. Take a look at the TRD Pro or TRD Away from-Highway cut, and you’ll see TRD logos all throughout the interior.


There is a 270-horsepower, 4.-liter V6 engine in the new 2023 4Runner TRD. The engine’s maximum torque is 278 lb.-feet. It provides enough get-up-and-go for an acceptable zero-to-60 mph pace. The V6 is paired with a multiple-speed automatic transmission that offers a sequential shift mode for more control. TRD Sport, like a number of 4Runner trim levels, has an average built-in pull problem with recipient and cables, and can draw a maximum of 5,000 lbs. An Automated Limited Fall Differential is standard on 2WD 4Runners.

Energetic Grip Management is also used in the more accessible part-time 4WD system. With a two-speed motion, it boosts away-highway capacity. With a 4-hyperlink rear axle and coil springs, the 4Runner has another powerful feature: a complicated body-on-framework construction. The on-road driving characteristics of a vehicle have been improved with the new TRD Sport, which includes By-REAS in the revocation features. The car’s off-road credentials are superb, but naturally aspirated engines of this size have a poor record of success. Furthermore, if you need a more powerful engine, you will be without an option. However, this does not mean that this vehicle is slow.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Back View
2023 Toyota 4Runner Back View
New 2023 Toyota 4Runner Release Date and Price

According to Car and Driver, the base LX model of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD will cost $25,350 in the United States. That’s a $300 increase over last year’s similar model, so a virtually new used example is worth considering because of the lack of substantial revisions for 2023. The EX and EX-L follow at $27,860 and $30,450, respectively. The TRD EX-L costs $33,150, while the basic TRD EX costs $30,560. With an MSRP of $33,650, it’s the most costly fuel-only model, whereas it’s $36,350 for the most expensive CR-V. In addition to taxes, accreditation, and sign-up fees, these tariffs include a $1,120 vacation/dealing control fee.

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